So many ways to “drink” a smoothie

You gotta love the malleability of food! I've always loved how food can be anything you want it to be, it all up to you and your imagination. And, usually, the result of your imagination is fully edible and sometimes delicious!


Want to have sweetness without sugar? Use a date or some bananas. Want mac and cheese that’s dairy free? Well, potatoes and carrots with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast will get to that gooey paradise!


While I’m not sure where smoothie bowls come from but if I think about what I am like in the kitchen, when a problem arises my improvisation instinct swiftly kicks in. So, I imagine it went a little something like this:


Once upon a time, not so long ago (about 2015 as far as my googling suggests) someone (lets call her Sarah) was making a smoothie on a bright Saturday morning. Into the blender went the fruit, most likely berries and bananas, and as she reached for the almond milk in the fridge she remembered how she planned to grab more almond milk the night before but forgot to do so, completely distracted by a Taylor Swift jam session on the car ride home.


She decided to just use what she had and top up with water if necessary. And boy was it necessary. The mixture was liquid but thick, just slightly too thick for a straw. She reached for the tap with the just right under the nozzle and… nothing… at all. The water is out? Not ideal at all. Now what?


She placed the jug down on the counter in frustration and some smoothie splattered onto her hand. Instinct kicked in and before she knew it, she licked the smoothie drop off her hand. Yum!


So, she dunked the contents of the jug into a bowl, grabbed a spoon and the rest is history!


In later years, in search of crunchy elements, fruity freshness and Instagram likes, people would add various toppings to their smoothie bowls.


 For your 30 second smoothiebowl, fill the Honest Jar cup 3 quarters of the way with your chosen liquid (ingredients still in the cup) and blend. Add the smoothie to the bowls and decorate with your favourite or homemade granola, nuts fresh and dried fruits.