About Us

As a former member of the corporate rat race and a self-proclaimed hater of mornings, I always found myself rushing out the door with coffee in hand for the 20min commute but not much in the way of actual food. 
Prepping smoothie packs on Food Prep Sundays was a no brainer and I loved being in the kitchen all day (it's my happy place). I realised though, that many other people don't drool at the idea of prepping smoothie bags, shopping for ingredients, chopping bananas and wondering what to do with the rest of the bananas before they go off. And this was the light bulb moment with spiralled into Honest Jar.
After being vegan for a year I began to appreciate the effect that food has on one's body, the difference that eating well can have on your health and overall well being. It was important to me to make sure that whatever Fast Food I could come up with would be wholesome.
Convenience can be good too, and that's what we're about.
There really is no reason to sacrifice the quality of the food you eat for the sake of abusing the snooze button. With Honest Jar, you can have filing and nourishing superfoods in a matter of seconds and spend more time in your happy place! An added bonus is that you can take this Superfood with you on the go.
We handle the Superfood so you can focus on Super You!